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This page was last updated January July 19, 2017.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This newsletter contains information about the national Choose Life efforts now being handled by Choose Life America. For the Florida Choose Life license plate, go to


News Flash!

The Nebraska Choose Life license plate was approved in the Transportation Committee 8-0 on January 17, 2017 and is now headed to the full legislature. The plate will cost an extra $5. The money will go to services to help prevent child abuse.

Special Limited Time Offer for Florida Drivers!

Choose Life has a promotion going on wherein we give a free gift certificate to someone who wants to switch their vehicle license plate to a Florida Choose Life license plate. 

There is a limited supply of these gift certificates, so please apply now.

The certificate is an $85 value and will pay all the costs relating to switching only to the Choose Life license plate online. Each year thereafter, you will receive your normal license plate renewal letter from the County DMV and the $25 annual renewal fee for the Choose Life license plate will be added to your normal license plate renewal fee. Of the $25 the state & County share $5 and Choose Life, Inc. receives $20, of which they in turn distribute 85% to the life affirming Pregnancy Care Centers, Maternity Homes and non-profit adoption agencies in Florida and use 15% to advertise and administer the program. 

The gift certificate will not pay the normal license plate annual fee, so if you are within 3 months of your normal renewal, you will have to pay that portion, but the gift certificate will pay all the costs related to switching to the Choose Life license plate.

There is only one requirement to receive this free gift certificate. If possible, you must promise to renew the Choose Life license plate on your vehicle for a minimum of 5 years. 

If anyone is interested, have them reply to me with the following information:

Applicant's Name:__________________________________________________________________________

The name(s) on the vehicle title/Registration:______________________________________________

Current expiration month & year on your vehicle’s license plate._______________________________________

Current address:____________________________________________________

Daytime phone number:_____________________________________________

Email address:______________________________________________________

In 5-10 days you will receive an email from Michael Towner, asking for information about the vehicle you are going to put the Choose Life license plate on.

The gift certificate will only pay all the switching costs, so if you license plate is within 3 months of the renewal date, you must renew the plate before you utilize the gift certificate.

You must follow the instructions in the email completely and about 2 weeks later the plate will be mailed to you. It will have a random 5 alpha/numeric characters and a new decal showing your renewal month. Contact me with any questions about this offer. 

Thanks for helping us spread the Choose Life license plate across America. 

Russ & Jill Amerling
National Publicity Coordinators
Choose Life license plate
Choose Life America, Inc.
Cell: 352 624-2854
Fax: 866 850-8572


The Choose Life Plate sales pushed past the $24 million mark nationally!

The total reported Choose Life license plate sales/renewals nationally is 1,112,406 and they have raised over $24,173,055 as of 12-31-2016.

States Where Choose Life Plates Are Available

Alabama: 69,040 sold/renewed from 7-1-2003 through 8-31-16, raising $2,847,889 (State Cost $50/year of which $41.25 goes to the cause)

The plates are now at the Probate Offices (DMVS) throughout the state. Go to for information on how to get the Choose Life plate for your vehicle.

Alaska: Choose Life license plate went on sale May 2012, go to for more information.

Arizona: 10,461 sold/renewed from 5-5-2009 through 06-30-2016, raising $177,843. (State Cost $27 the first year and $25 annually thereafter, of which $17 goes to the Arizona Life Coalition to provide life-affirming hope and resources to the women, men and children of Arizona through truthful and loving education, services, and public policy.) For more information, go to:

Arkansas: 32,142 sold/renewed from 8-29-2003 through 06-30-2016, raising $823,274. (State Cost $35/year of which $25 goes to the cause).

Arkansas plates are now at the Motor Vehicles Offices throughout the state. Contact Rose Mimms  Arkansas Right to Life (800) 714-2785 for more information or click here to learn how to switch to the new Arkansas Choose Life license plate.

Connecticut: 2,948 sold/renewed through 08-31-16, raising $58,951. (State DMV Cost: $65 one-time fee; Initial Membership Fee: $10; Yearly Membership Renewal Fee $25 with $20 going to support the cause).

The Connecticut "Choose Life" license plate has been approved and is now available. To request an Application Form for the Connecticut "Choose Life" license plate, please contact The Children First Foundation toll-free at 1-877-386-3236 or via e-mail at Return the Application Form directly to The Children First Foundation (P.O. Box 326 / Eastchester, NY  10709) along with a $10 check (payable to The Children First Foundation) for initial membership and a $65 check (payable to the CT DMV) for the actual plate. CFF's president will verify your membership, co-sign your application form, and send your application and $65 check to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV will mail CFF's Connecticut "Choose Life" license plate directly to you.  The State of Connecticut requires that you must be a member of The Children First Foundation in order to have CFF's Connecticut "Choose Life" license plate on your car or truck. Your $25 yearly CFF membership renewal fee will support pro-life agencies in Connecticut that help women who choose life and adoption for unwanted pregnancies and newborns.  For further information, please visit CFF's web site at

Delaware: 1,608 sold/renewed from 8-24-2010 through 4/5/2016, raising $32,150. (State cost $40, cause $20). For more information on how to get a plate, go to or email Jim Cordie.

District of Columbia: 33 sold/renewed from 10-23-2013 through 06/30/2016, raising $825. (State charges one-time fee of $100) Membership in The Children First Foundation is $25 annually and $20 is returned to the life affirming Pregnancy Centers and Safe Haven. For information on how to get the plate, go to: 

Florida: 552,098 sold/renewed from 8-11-2000 thru 06/30/2016, raising $11,041,956. (State Cost $25/year of which $20 goes to the cause)

Go to your local County tag office with your registration and proof of insurance and ask them to switch you to the Choose Life license plate. Or you may switch online and have the plate mailed to you: Then email your name address, phone and the plate number to Russ Amerling and Choose Life America, Inc. will mail you a free Choose Life license plate frame, white with red letters, see plate frame at Product Store on this website.

DMV official figures show the Choose Life plate in the #9 spot out of 114 plates on the road.

Georgia 45,038 sold/renewed from 10-1-2007 thru 06/30/2016, raising $450,382. (State Cost $35 annually, of which $10 goes to the cause)  The Choose Life license is now available at your local motor vehicles office. If you want more information about the Georgia Choose Life plates, go to The goal is to channel resources into front-life life-affirming agencies to increase the one to two percent of abortion vulnerable women choose adoption for their children.

Hawaii: 3,031 sold/renewed from 7-16-2002 thru 7-31-2014, raising $62,607. (Cost $25 each year, of which $20 goes to the cause) For more information contact Radford Sacarang at the Aloha Pregnancy Care & Counseling Center 808 234-7233 to learn how to get the Choose Life plate for your vehicle. The funds are shared with all three Pregnancy Centers in Hawaii.P.S.: The Hawaii "Choose Life" license plate is continuing to sell, but  the Hawaii Planned Parenthood "Respect Choice" plate has died. There are only 3 left on vehicles in the state.

Indiana: 25,639 sold/renewed from 1-1-2007 thru 6-30-2016, raising $640,965. (Cost $40 each year, of which $25 goes to the cause). Go for information on how to get your plate. The Indiana Association of Pregnancy Centers will be distributing the funds raised to all members of the Indiana Association of Pregnancy Centers.

Iowa: 1,214 sold/renewed from 06/10/2013 thru 6/30/2016, no funds raised by plate.

Kentucky: 32,423 sold/renewed from 7-1-2005 thru 6-30-2016, raising $324,225. (Cost $25, cause $10) The plates first year cost is $28 and a $10 donation to go to the pregnancy centers in your county. The renewal is only $15, plus $10 be donated to the cause. After the first of the year, the $10 donation will be included in your renewal notices. Choose Life plates are available at the license plate offices across Kentucky. Go to for more information.

Louisiana: 14,951 sold/renewed 11-1-2002 through 6-30-2016, raising $324,225. (State Cost $56 every 2 years, of which $50 goes to the cause)

The Louisiana Choose Life license plate is now on sale. Go to the Louisiana DMV web site at and order your plate.

Maryland: 7,181 sold/renewed 4-13-2003 through 6-30-2016, raising $107,710. (State Cost $25 one time fee only, see below for yearly membership fee which goes to the cause)

In order to be qualified to purchase a Choose Life license tag in Maryland, the following must take place.

  1. Applicant must be a member of Choose Life of Maryland, Inc.

    • Annual membership dues are $ 15.00.

  1. There is a charge of $ 25.00 for the tags by the State of Maryland. This fee is to be sent to Choose Life of Maryland, Inc. along with the membership dues. Payment will be made to the MVA when the application is completed.

  1. Download and fill out MVA form. Mail form and check for $ 40.00, payable to Choose Life of Maryland. Inc. We will forward form with payment to the MVA. Tags, replacement stickers, and a new registration card are mailed directly to the members address.

  1. Members will mount the tags and return the original tags to the MVA. Please avoid covering the “CHOOSE LIFE” with tag frames.

  1. Note - registration of your vehicle with the State of Maryland is separate from obtaining “CHOOSE LIFE” tags. Registration should be current to expedite the process.

For more information contact: Anne Marie Johnson; Choose Life of Maryland, Inc.; 1 Church View Road; Millersville, MD 21108; call them at (410) 987-0313 or email  Anne Marie.

Massachusetts: 14,703 sold/renewed 6-16-2010 through 6/30/2016, raising $411,684. (Cost $40, cause $28). For more information go to

Mississippi: 126,266 sold/renewed from 7-1-2002 through 6/30/2016, raising $3,030,384. (State Cost $31/year, of which $24 goes to the cause). The Mississippi Choose Life plate is available through your local county tag office. You can now go into your local tag office to order your plate and it will be mailed to you. You can go to to see the plate or email Janet Thomas for more information on how to get the Choose Life plate for your vehicle.

Missouri: 1,608 plates sold/renewed 1-1-2009 through 6/30/2016, raising $32,163 (Cost $25, cause $20). If you would like to purchase a Missouri Choose Life license plate go to: and click on the map of Missouri.

Montana: 6,388 sold/renewed from 1-19-2004 through 6/30/16, raising $127,753NOTE! MONTANA RIGHT TO LIFE LOST IT'S STATE TAX EXEMPT STATUS AMD THUS LOST IT'S RIGHT TO RECEIVE PLATE FUNDS AND IT WAS CANCELLED. THEY HOPE TO RE-APPLY IN 2017 (Cost $20/year, of which $20 goes to the cause). P.S.: The Planned Parenthood plate in Montana called "Pro-Family, Pro-Choice" and approved in March 2004 has only sold 84, so we are outselling them 35 to 1. Get your Choose Life plate at your nearest county license location.

Nebraska:  265  by Choose Life Nebraska thru 6-30-2016. They need to pre-sell 500 plates @ $70 each before the Motor Vehicle Department will manufacture the plate. If you want to be one of the first to get this specialty plate, contact Bob Blank (402) 598-3928 or email Bob.

New Jersey: 2,947 sold/renewed from 12-3-2010 through 6/30/2016, raising $58,940. (Cost $25, cause $25) The first year only cost is $50. For more information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Rex, or go to

North Carolina: The Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship with the help of many others were successful in getting the NC Choose Life plate approved this year.

The US Supreme Court ruled that the plate language was that of the state and thus the opposition did not have a right to a plate. However the legislature allocated $800,000 to the cause. The plates are now for sale. If you want to be one of the first to buy the plate when it is approved, go to:

North Dakota: 178 sold through 6-30-2016, raising $3,559. (Cost $25, cause $20). For more information, call Ken at (701) 258-3811.

Ohio: 25,219 sold/renewed from 5-18-2005 thru 6-30-2016, raising $504,376. (Cost $30/year, of which $20 goes to the cause). The state has two choices of designs to select from. Contact Beth Sidel or go to if you want to learn more about the Ohio Choose Life license plate. You can also order the plate online at the Ohio DMV website Go to for more information as the date approaches.

Oklahoma: 5,577 sold/renewed from 12-2002 through 6-30-2016, raising $111,535. (State Cost $35/year, of which $20 goes to the cause)

The Oklahoma Choose Life plate has been approved and is now on the road. You can contact Lori Sowers for more information or go to for information on how to get the Oklahoma Choose Life plate for your vehicle.

Pennsylvania: 7,321 sold/renewed from 2-1-2007 through 6-30-2016, raising $146,411. (State Cost $44 1st year only, and $20 yearly membership fee which goes to the cause. After the state recoups the cost of producing the plate, the remainder of the $44 one time fees will start going to the cause as well. Go to for the application information. P.S.: The Pennsylvania "Choose Life" license plate is continuing to outselling the Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood license plate 37 to 1.

South Carolina: 3,366 sold/renewed from 11-1-2008 through 6-30-2016, raising $58,898(State cost $25/year, of which $15 goes to the cause). The plate can be purchased at local DMV offices. Interested persons should call their local DMV office before going in to assure the plates are in stock. Click here for locations.

South Dakota: 471 sets sold/renewed 3-2-2003 through 6-30-2016, raising $11,775. (State Cost one time $10 fee & $50 to Planning Life for the maternity home).

The South Dakota Choose Life License Plate program is now available to all drivers in South Dakota.

First Step: Go to your local county court house and trade in your current license plates for organization plates. The organization plates are generic for all organizations so you do not need to request a specific organization. You will be charged a $10.00 fee when you exchange your current plates for organization plates. You will also be given new registration stickers at the same time, which is included in the $10.00 fee. If you have a new car to register, the State will not charge this additional $10.00 fee when you request the organization plates at time of registration. The State will charge you the normal fees for registering your vehicle however. Your court house will most likely not know who you should contact for the Choose Life decals.

Second Step: Contact: Exec Director:

Phone: 605 341-0378 ;  CareNet Pregnancy Center; 2401 West Main Street; Rapid City, SD 57702

The cost for a set (two) of decals is $50.00, and 100% of the money raised will be used to help open and support a maternity home in South Dakota.

Tennessee: 59,448 plates sold/renewed from 11-27-06 thru 7-31-2014, raising $928,580. (State Cost $35 of which approximately $15.62 goes to the cause.) The plates are available at local county clerk's offices. For more information, contact Tennessee Right to Life or call 1-877-CHOOSE LIFE. You can see the Tennessee Choose Life plate at, then click on Tennessee.

Texas:.5,914 plates sold/renewed from 11-21-2011 through 06/30/2016, raising $130,101. (Cost $25, cause $15). For more information, go to

Virginia: 32,306 plates sold/renewed from 7-1-09 through 6-30-2016, raising $484,590. (Cost $25, cause $15). For more information, go to

 States with Choose Life Efforts Underway for a Choose Life Plate  

Colorado: A team has been put together to work on the Colorado Choose Life plate. If you want to be a part of effort, please email it to Russ Amerling.

Illinois A great team of pro-life supporters has come together to make the Choose Life license plate a reality in Illionis.They want 25,000 people who want the Choose Life license plate to sign up. If you want more information, email

Maine: Choose Life Maine, Inc. has been formed and they are working to pre-sell the 2,000 plates needed to get the Choose Life plate into production, they already have about 600. Contact Russ for the latest informaiton or go to It will have all the latest statistics and contact information for their organization.

Michigan: Michigan Right to Life wants to get this plate approved, but the current governor said he does not want any more specialty plates, so the legislation died in 2014. If you want to help make the Choose Life license plate a reality in Michigan, email Russ.

Nevada: We need 1,000 people who will purchase the Nevada Choose Life plate once approved. You can learn more and get a petition to gather signatures of prospective buyers . Email: Russ Amerling.  Once the petitions are gathered, we will apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have the plate produced. Spread the word and get in on this historic effort in Nevada.

New Hampshire: The Children First Foundation has started a chapter in New Hampshire and you will hear more about this in 2016. Email Russ if you want to know more.

New Mexico: The Choose Life plate was approved in New Mexico, but the bill  named it "Adopt a Child" and did not provide any funds. To buy the plate, click here.

New York: Application made under the administrative process. Plate denied by New York Motor Vehicles Department Director, claiming the plate design was "patently offensive". Lawsuit filed against the state for discrimination by Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of The Children First Foundation. The Choose Life plate won this suit, but the state appealed again and won. Dr. Elizabeth Rex said they have appealed that decision of the second circuit court.

Oregon: A non-profit organization has undertaken the effort to get a Choose Life license plate for Oregon. Russ & Jill Amerling Contact Russ if you want to be involved.

Rhode Island: The Children First Foundation started a chapter in Rhode Island. The legislature approved the plate by an overwhelming bipartisan majority, but Governor Lincoln Chafee vetoed the bill. Email Russ if you want to know more.

Vermont: The Children First Foundation started a chapter in Vermont. Email Russ if you want to know more.

Washington: Choose Life Washington, Inc. president Ben Hull is working with other officers and supporters to bring the Choose Life license plate to Washington. If you want to be involved in this process please go to or email Ben or Russ.

 Another Court Victory for the Choose Life license Plate! (11-08)

Arizona: The Arizona Life Coalition won its suit against the State for viewpoint discrimination. The plate is now available. For more information go to:

Russ & Jill Amerling returned from their western states tour. (9-25-08)

Russ & Jill completed a 17 states, 2 month tour of the central and western US. They visited 17 states and expect 9 of them to have Choose Life license plate bills before their legislature in the 2009 legislative session.

Russ & Jill Amerling returned from NE Tour after setting up five more state efforts! (5-25-08)

Russ & Jill returned from a trip up the east coast where they visited SC, NC, VA, DE, DC, NY, NJ, CT and NH. They were successful in starting up five new Choose Life license plate efforts. Plans are underway now for a trip to the NW to meet with state groups in that part of the country to start some state groups an re-energize others.. More information to follow in our June monthly email. If you are not signed up for these free emails, please email Russ Amerling and ask to be added to the list.

Florida Choose Life Announces its NEW Choose Life Product Store (7-07)

Choose Life America, Inc. launched its totally new Product Store. You can get there through this web site by clicking Product Store on the homepage or go directly there at  All profits from this store go to support the efforts of Choose LifeAmerica, Inc. to get the Choose Life license plate approved in all 50 states. Non-profit pro-life groups are eligible to purchase all items at wholesale prices, email or call toll free 877 454-1203 for a wholesale price list.

Help Support the Choose Life license plate organization (7-07)

Go look at all the new Choose Life items we have on our newly re-designed product page. Go to and click on Product Store 

All the funds raised by the real Choose Life license plates go to the Pregnancy Care Centers, Maternity Homes and non-profit adoption agencies in the state where they are sold. Choose Life America does not receive any of those funds. Therefore we are funded primarily by the donation of folks like you and the Choose Life license plate promotional items. Please see our “Product Store” page on our web site at: and also visit our Donate page. Please help us raise the funds needed to carry this effort nationally .

PLEASE NOTE! If you are involved in a non-profit, pro-adoption/life group, they are eligible to purchase all our promotional items wholesale and sell them retail and keep the profits to support their work. Have a representative from the organization contact me for details and a Wholesale Price List.

Congratulations to Mississippi for Outselling the Florida Choose Life Plate. (12-31-06)

The 2000 census showed Florida population at 16,396,515 and Mississippi's at 2,858,029. Florida’s average plate revenue is $70,000 per month and Mississippi 's average is $19,080. This shows Mississippi is out selling the Florida Choose Life plate by 56% per capita. As of June 2013, Mississippi pass the $2.5 million raised for the 38 Pregnancy Centers and Adoption agencies they assist.

Russ & Jill Amerling Receive Award (9-30-06)

Russ & Jill Amerling were presented with Heartbeat International's "Servant Leader" Award at their annual conference in Orlando, FL.

Scrolling News Now on Home Page (7-06)

The Choose Life license plate home page now has scrolling news with the latest information about the Choose Life license plate nationally. Check it out often to keep informed. It can be added to your web site if you like.

Read About Russ & Jill's Previous Trips to Share the Choose Life Message (5-03)

Starting in February 2002 Russ and Jill started traveling to the states that requested help in starting a Choose Life license plate effort. You can read all about these very successful tours at Choose Life Training Tours. Only the tours through the May 2003 are posted at this time.

The Connecticut Motor Vehicles Department "Blinked"

The Connecticut Attorney General urged the Connecticut Motor Vehicle Department to rescind the Connecticut Choose Life license plate and soon thereafter the Alliance Defense Fund threatened to file a lawsuit against the state. State officials decided that was a bad choice and re-instated the Connecticut Choose Life plate. Read the whole story at:,0,5045310.story?coll=hc-headlines-local

Florida Businessman Place Choose Life Plates On 55 Company Vehicles

Read the encouraging story of a businessman who placed the Choose Life story on all 55 of his company vehicles. Would you do the same? (Click Here)

Here's A Great Idea

Offer to buy the official Choose Life license plate for a loved one who would like the tag, but can't afford the small extra fee.

Ways To Help

We have many new products we are offering you to encourage your donations.  Choose Life ties, scarves, sweatshirts, golf shirts, ball caps, promotional tags for the front of your vehicle, license plate frames & Choose Life stickers for your correspondence. These donations and profits provide 100% of the funds needed to keep Choose Life America, Inc. working to spread the Choose Life plate across this great country.

Keep Spreading The Word

Please forward this newsletter page to anyone you think might be interested. Just click the "Send this Page to a Friend" This whole effort has been done by grass-roots folks like you. We are available for any type of interview, just let us know. 

Help Us Advertise

Contact your state Choose Life license plate representative (see "Other States") and ask them how you can help spread the word or help get petitions signed. Many groups have put together a packet of reproducible flyers that they can send you. These flyers are suitable for bulletin inserts, stories for newsletters and flyers to hand out at any event

Sign Up For Email Updates

Contact Us now to receive our email updates on the progress of the Choose Life license plate efforts across America to get Choose Life license plates for all states.

Want The Choose Life Tag In Your State?

We are now working with groups and individuals in 44 states to help them promote or get the Choose Life license plate for their state. If you want to see these smiling-faced children on a Choose Life license plate in your state, see the Other States page for the organization working for a Choose Life tag in your state. If your state is not listed, contact us and we will give you free help and let you know how to make it happen.

Want To Be Notified When The Tag Is Available In Your State?

Want to be notified of efforts in your state to get the Choose Life license plate? Contact us requesting notification and we will let you know by email when a Choose Life license plate effort is started in your state. You can also check our "Other States" web page to see if your state is listed.

Federal Court Denies Efforts to Stop Florida’s Choose Life Plate (1-2002) 

A Federal Appeals Court ruling on a suit filed in January 2002, refused to halt the Florida Choose Life license plate and gave a brief High School Civics lesson to the plaintiffs. Since the opponents to the Florida Choose Life plate had never applied for a plate of their own, the Appeals Court stated, There have been three suits against the Choose Life license plate in Florida and all have been unsuccessful. The U.S. 11th Circuit Appeals Court ruled, “The first amendment does not require states to authorize the speech of those who have expressed no interest in speaking; it only protects the rights of those who wish to speak. ”The court further upbraided the plaintiff in its opinion saying, “Appellants were counseled in a previous incarnation of this case to apply for a specialty license plate before bringing a First Amendment challenge to Fla Stat 320.08058(30). Hildreth v. Dickenson No. 99-583-CIV-J-21-A, slip op. at 1 (M.D.Fla Dec 22, 1999). Rather than appealing the District Court’s admonition, Appellants chose to try again in this case.” This is a significant ruling as it establishes, at least in the U.S. 11th Circuit that states with reasonable application processes are not discriminating when the opposition does not use that process to apply for a plate and they cannot claim standing in court unless the do.

 The United States Supreme Court TN & LA Choose Life plates OK (1-2006)

The US Supreme Court refused to hear challenges to the legality of the Choose Life license plate by the ACLU & CRR (pro-abortion law firms). The LA plate will stay available and the TN plate should be available by fall 2006. This will bring to 14 the total number of states selling the Choose Life plate.

Alabama Passes $2 Million in sales & Look How They Advertised the Funds Distribution!  (12-31-2011)

Choose Life license plate in Alabama raised over $2 million as of 12-31-2011. Over 50,000 plates were sold/renewed. Alabama is the third state behind Florida and Mississippi to reach this incredible milestone. To promote the 2006 funds distribution of over $274,000.00, they gave out giant checks at a meeting. Look at the pictures on their web site: 

Russ & Jill were on the road again in the Spring of 2010 & 2011 in NC & Texas (4-11)

Choose Life, Inc. gets Van! (4-2004)

We at Choose Life America, Inc. had been driving around the country in a 1993 Chevy Astro van with over 300,000 miles on it. Supporters of the Choose Life nationwide effort donated funds to purchase a 2003 Honda Odyssey van. Our trip to the Northwest was done with a much more dependable mode of transportation. Our thanks to all of you who have contributed to this blessing. We donated the 1993 Chevy Astor to a new maternity home ( in our area.

Choose Life Tag Honored (1-2001)

The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA) nominated the Choose Life license plate as one of the top 10 new plates released in 2000.  What an honor to be in the top ten out of 55 eligible jurisdictions.  First and second place went to Wyoming and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Choose Life Given 2003 Salt & Light Award

The late Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church issued the 2003 Reclaiming America Salt & Light Award to Randy Harris, President and Russ & Jill Amerling Publicity Coordinators of Choose Life America, Inc. for the best example of grass roots activism. We want to thank each of you who have worked so hard to make this a reality. This is your award too. We are blessed to be involved in such a wonderful work and to have the chance to get to know all you great folks!